I specialize in archiecture and wedding photography. However, I will photograph anything I get a chance to do. I’m fond of photographing¬†families on the beach, food for restaurants, and product shots for retail stores. My goal when taking photographs of people is to capture emotion and elicit a feeling. I love angles, lines and symmetry that draws the eye to the subject. My overall photography style has been described as ‘mid-century modern’, which was explained as ‘a slight vintage style with class.’ [Hey, I’m not even sure what that means, but I’ll take the compliment!]. I do think there’s a certain nod in my work to an era of my growing up in New York City. When photographing, my personality is laid back, relaxed, personable and I love meeting people. I tend to smile a lot when I take pictures. I’m doing what I love doing- can you blame me?